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Come Closer
Solo Exhibition
30 June - 28 July 2014

Visu Gallery, Finland

Come Closer is Yunrubin’s first solo exhibition in Finland. The exhibition in Visu Gallery presents new works that explore ground in relation to notions of entropy and structure. Industrial materials such as asphalt, bitumen and aluminium are used to make paintings, objects and installation.

The parameters and measures that is needed to define an area is challenged, exploring the contingent relationships between distances and circumstances with references to the road as a platform that bridges destinations and origins. Physical and mental entities conjoins and expands realising potentials of the
in-betweens. Parallel systems negotiates modes of transfer and transport.

In Bitumen Stripes, a series of aluminium plates poured with bitumen create stripes that echoes successions of time, place and boundaries.


In the installation, Light Weight, gravity is realised within the immateriality of light. Light becomes physical in the confrontation with asphalt, creating a defined square of energy that fuses in the room.

For Yunrubin, the human condition and subjectivity is regarded as essential themes to which they understand how to approach subject-object relationships. Receptions are not limited to what is visible or tangible but to the immateriality of movements, poetics and the dialectical tensions between structure, material
and humans.